How do I pay Holding Tax ?

For assessment of your Holding contact the Tax wing of BMC.
Please furnish your approved building plan's copy for facilitating assessment.
Apply for mutation of Holding if any, Change in the ownership of Holding takes place by way of sale, gift, inheritance with proper documents.
Pay your Tax in Time & help us in making our Capital City Clean and Green.
                                                                   -----G.A. Department Notification dated 01.05.1998
   Holding Tax has got the nomenclature of Property Tax in the Orissa Municipal Corporation Act, 2003. But since Rules and by-laws regulating the property Tax is in the pipeline, for the time being as per Orissa Municipal Act, 1950 Holding Tax is being collected.
·         Any holding within BMC limits having clear right, title, interest of the holder is liable to pay Holding Tax @ of 17.5% of the annual value of the holding depending on the nature of holding, i.e. either residential or commercial.
   The Annual Value of a Holding for residential purpose is calculated as per following procedures.
Step I   -  Plinth area of the holding in Sq. Meter x Rs 13.65 = say X
Step II  -  Deduct 15% of "X" towards repair & maintenance
Step III - Add 0.5% of the land cost where the holding is located (Land cost to be determined as per G.A. Department Notification dated 01.05.1998)
Hence Annual Value Amount arrived through = (Step I + Step III – Step II)
Holding tax is levied per annum@ 17.5% of the Annual Value whose break up is as follows:
Holding Tax - 10%
Latrine Tax - 2.5%
Street Light - 5%
Total           - 17.5%                                                        To Be Continued to next page....

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