How to apply for a new connection?

Connection Procedure:
Plan sanction is the initial stage of getting a connection. For obtaining water supply connection to a   non Government  building within a Urban Local Bodies  and any other area where water supply is made from  Water Works of such Bodies, the  house   owner will   submit  an    application addressed   to the  Executive Engineer, Public  Health Division or any   Officer-in-charge  along  with  a set of  blue  print plans in duplicate   showing therein holding number, the layout of the premises,  the proposed point of connection and  fixtures and future extension if any, etc.,and the signature of the licensed plumber or contractor along with a non-refundable fees to cover the charges for scrutiny of plans and supervision

What documents needed along with the application?

1.A set of  blue  print of  plans in duplicate 
2.Holding number
3.Layout of the premises
4.Proposed point of connection
5.Fixtures and future extension if any
6.Licensed plumber or contractor
7.Non-refundable fees to cover the charges for scrutiny of plans and supervision

How and when to deposit Scrutiny Fee?

Consumer deposits the scrutiny fee at the cash counter and quotes No. to the plan section. Then plan section sends the plan to the maintenance division for sanction. After the plan gets sanctioned by the maintenance division , the consumer deposits the requisite fees and quotes the number of the plan section.After scrutiny and approval of plans the Executive Engineer/officer-in-charge,water works shall return one copy of the approved plans to the house owner and direct them to deposit a refundable amount which will be treated as deposit to be applied against damages done to the main water supply line or any other property of the govt.

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