What are the various sub categories of complaints under the above types of complaints that can be registered?

The Sub-categories of various Types of Grievances are mentioned below:
Type of Grievance : Civic Infrastructure
Removal of obstacles on road like sudden tree falling etc.
Removal of Water Stagnation during heavy rain
Road Cutting Permission
Repair of Potholes / Patch Works
Minor Repairing of existing Road
Repairing of Drain
Repairing of Drain with Cover Slab
Repairing of Bridge & Culvert
Renovation of Ponds and Wells
Type of Grievance : Enforcement

Removal of Encroachment causing obstruction to Traffic
Unauthorised encroachment on Road Side / footpath / Municipal Land
Unauthorised Construction / Demolition of Govt. Land (With G.A Deptt. aid)
Removal of debris by the owners by issuing notice
Kine House Service
Vending Zone
Type of Grievance : Holding
Holding Tax Assessment / Vacancy Remission
Extract of Assessment
Mutation on Holding Tax
Information regarding the Assessment of Holding Tax
Assessment order for new and improvement to the existing building

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