What are the Documents to be enclosed with the Application Form?

Application Form .
Tax paid receipt & 3 copies of blue print (if any place for the purpose of storing or selling explosives, timber or other combustible material shall contain a statement showing the boundaries and measurements of such place)
Owner/Neighbor consent letter.

What is the procedure for renewal of a trade license ?

Applications for renewal of such licenses shall be made not less than 30 days before the commencement of the year for which renewal is sought
The following documents have to be submitted for renewal of trade license.
            1.  Original License copy. 
            2.  Previous year fees challans.  
            3. Up to date tax paid receipt.

If I donot obtain my Trade License, what will be the result?

As per the Municipal Act, running an unauthorized Trade is offense. The concerned authority may seize or lock your Trade business with or without intimation.

My license has expired more than a year back, what should I do?

Give the reason why you have not renewed your license. Fill the due fee along with fine, the present year fee and t   hen start your business.

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