Why you need the Birth Certificate?

The necessity for a birth certificate arises to avail benefits from a gamut of services offered by the government to its citizens. We require the birth certificate to avail the following facilities:
 To prove parentage and family relationship
 For admission into Educational Institutes.
 For recruitment in Armed Forces.
 To exercise the Right to vote.
 For availing an insurance policy.
 To obtain driving licenses.
 For obtaining Passport.
 To avail PAN Card.
 For claiming the right to marry at the legally permissible age


How much Fees to be Deposited Along with the Application Form?

Use Form 91 (if the birth is within 21 days) – Rs. 2/-
Use Form 92 (if the birth is within 30 -1 year) – Rs.5/-
Use Form 93 (if the birth is after 1 year ) – Rs.10/-
Use Form 10 1A (Naming the child)—Rs.5/-
Use Form 10 1B (Naming the child)—Rs.5/-
Use Form 13 1A ( for Verifying the Records) –Rs.2/-
Use Form 13 1C (for Issuance of Certificate)—Rs 5/-
 Use Form 14 1C (for Issuance of Non-availability of certificates/where records of events are not available)—Rs. 5/-


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