Type of Grievance : License & Parking
Issuance of Fresh / Renewal Trade License
Temporary License
Cart & Carriages
Roadside Parking / Parking Issue
Type of Grievance : Poverty Alleviation
Information on BPL Card
Supply of Form and acceptance thereof for Old Age Pension(SOAP/NOAP/NFBS/ODP)
Supply of Form & Acceptance for Self Employment Scheme
Supply of Form & Acceptance for Balika Samurdhi Yojana(BSY)
Supply of Form & Acceptance for Imparting Training to Eligible Candidates
Assistance in formation of SHG / T&C Society / DWCUA Groups
Type of Grievance : Sanitation & Public Health
Lifting of Garbage
Sweeping of Roads
Removal of Debris & Construction Waste Material (Cost Involved)
Replacement of Garbage bins
Removal of Dead Animals & Carcases
Anti Malaria (Larva) Operation
Issuance of Birth / Death Certificate after submission of Treasury Challan
Correction in Birth / Death Certificate
Issuance of Birth Certificate as per Court Order
Food License
Drain Choking
Express Cleaning Service (Cost Involved)
Disposal of Unclaimed Dead bodies
Illegal Draining of Sewage to Public Drains / Roads, Open Sites etc.
Absenteeism of door to door garbage collector
Non Cleaning of dustbins
Soak pit filed up / Not Cleaned (Cost Involved)
Nuisance by Garbage Tractors or Trucks
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